Selomachean Ethics #2 — Ča Onda?

Two brothers meet after 30 years…

Frank: Brate, bio je dugo! (It’s been a while, bro!)

Dušo: Di ste? (Where you at?)

F: Evo me (I’m right here)

D: What have you been up to all these 30 years?

F: I’ve been living in San Francisco.

D: I ča* onda? (And what then?)

F: I’ve been working hard.

D: I ča onda?

F: I’ve been saving money.

D: I ča onda?

F: Well, I bought a boat!

D: I ča onda?

F: I sold my company.

D: I ča onda?

F: I took that money and bought another boat.

D: I ča onda?

F: I sold that boat, and I bought a Ferrari.

D: I ča onda?

F: Well, with all my savings I bought a house, in a village by the sea, not too far from here. Now I plan to relax.

D: To, brate (Right on, bro). But I’ve been doing that all this time.

*Usually, “što” as opposed to ča, but the joke comes from Zadar, where they speak a little funny.


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