The Heuristic Interface: Civilization Is A Virus That Benefits From Scale

Obesity, but also impotence and pornography, social contagion and cultural what-the-fucks of all kinds: Hollywood celebrity house tours, stalker paparazzi, YouTube meetups with dangerous sun glasses-donning provocateurs, protests and prison riots, crows perched on telephone wires along the highway — all these phenomena emerge from a kind of hyprerstimulatory heuristic interface between the relatively stationary predispositions of our ancestors and the co-evolutionary dance of contemporary social and economic fitness landscapes at scale. It’s hard not to indulge in modern mammoth meat when the comparative cost of acquiring a McDouble is so minute.

The Heuristic Interface is an amplifier, an interpolator, a mechanism that straddles the nebulous boundary between our ancestors’ (and our own) relatively stationary evolved predispositions and the oft-unexpected modern behaviors that emerge as a result of the co-evolutionary dance between contemporary social, cultural and economic landscapes at scale.

Animal Adaptation: Have you ever noticed crows, perched along the telephone wires of a busy intersection, tossing walnuts down below? The Heuristic Interface tells little flying black floofs to perch on long flat things (simple psychological heuristic meets novel environmental object, the telephone wire). The result? Radical emergence: timely, the small, oaken shells crack wide open beneath a rolling retinue of steel-bound, ash-black behemoths. Iron, rubber, and branches. A satiated crow.

Erectile Dysfunction: How many unique views can you claim for your lifetime RedTube browsing history? How many can your grandfather? Your Cro Magnon antecessors? Whose Nucleus accumbens burns brighter, hurts more? Who could get more dates?

The Obesity Epidemic: Why do the homeless prefer fast food burgers to soup-kitchen soup? And yet, the middle class suffer more from diabetes? Cheap mammoth meat the Heuristic Interface makes; you pay for it with addiction.

Hypergamy, Tinder, and Ghosting Culture? Compare: Australopithecus, Lucy; Kardashian, Kim. Hypergamy benefits from technological scale. Technological innovation benefits from capitalistic scale.

What else? CelebritiesSportsThe Neolithic Revolution, The Singularity?


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