Living Abroad: 3 Reasons It’s Not Worth It On A Salary Alone

Are you trying to decide whether living abroad is worth it? I recently quit my job after two years overseas, where I was working as a software developer at a highly-regarded multinational corporation. Actually, I was working in their “cost center” in Eastern Europe. A cost center is the outsource arm of a company whose headquarters is located in another country.

Overall, it was a lot of fun for my first year. I met new friends, drank some of the best (and inexpensive) beers I’ve ever tasted, and got to see a new part of the world. However, for those who are interested in a more long-term solution, I came to find that when all is said and done it is very difficult to come out ahead, at least compared to home, by living abroad on solely a monthly salary.

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Welcome to Selonomics

I’ve posted more than once now so I think it is time to introduce what drives my work here, and what will drive it going forward.

What is Selonomics? I rambled toward a tentative answer at this Medium post several months ago. Selo is the East European/Slavic term for village. Economics, from its Ancient Greek is literally the study of household management. As such, Selonomics is the study of village management.

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