The Heuristic Interface: Civilization Is A Virus That Benefits From Scale

Obesity, but also impotence and pornography, social contagion and cultural what-the-fucks of all kinds: Hollywood celebrity house tours, stalker paparazzi, YouTube meetups with dangerous sun glasses-donning provocateurs, protests and prison riots, crows perched on telephone wires along the highway — all these phenomena emerge from a kind of hyprerstimulatory heuristic interface between the relatively stationary predispositions of our ancestors and the co-evolutionary dance of contemporary social and economic fitness landscapes at scale. It’s hard not to indulge in modern mammoth meat when the comparative cost of acquiring a McDouble is so minute.

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Just Opt Out, Man. Tinder Is For Giants.

From CMV: The male epidemics of loneliness and sexual frustration aren’t problems that warrant societal fixing, a post on /R/PurplePillDebate…

Men simply need to adapt and compete. Unfortunately, many men are sociologically and genetically doomed in any case. Going from a tribal society to a stabler patriarchy was probably much smoother than our direction now, which is the other way around.

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